Bar Mitzvah Speech by Boy


These Bar Mitzvah speeches are ideal for the Bar Mitzvah boy who wishes to speak on his special day but doesn’t know quite what to say. They express his thoughts on the day, welcome the guests and thank those responsible (parents / rabbi / cantor) for making it such a special occasion. The speeches also say a little of what the occasion means to him and look forward to his future. If he chooses he may use the light-hearted yet sincere poems to give an unusual and catchy ending to the speeches. We also include a general guide, which can be distributed to the guests at the ceremony: It is a lighthearted but informative explanation of the proceedings. It was written by Ted Roberts who owns the copyright.

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It’s your chance to stand up and say a few words and your bar mitzvah speech by boy can be a whole lot easier and less worry than you thought. Simply download our pack of Bar Mitzvah speech by boy pack and you’ll instantly receive a selection of purpose written speeches that thank and acknowledge all the right people, and let everyone present know how grateful you are.If you’re even slightly put off by making a speech we’ll give you tips to make it an enjoyable experience. You will be relieved and your parents, suitably proud.