Motivational speech Be an optimist not a pessimist


This motivational speech is just what you need to motivate an audience to be optimistic. It says that optimists are more successful in all they do and that you can choose to see the bottle half full rather than half empty. It speaks of how pessimism is self-fulfilling in that pessimists fail because they expect to fail. It urges an audience to become optimists and tells them how to go about it. The short motivational poem offers you the opportunity to end your speech on an uplifting note.

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Some people persist in seeing the glass as being half empty, while other see it as half full, as you will explain in this Motivational speech Be an optimist not a pessimist. You will point out that it’s not surprising that optimists tend to be more successful than pessimists in everything they do and explain that pessimism is selfñfulfilling because it creates expectations of failure. Concluding your Motivational speech Be an optimist not a pessimist with the poem provided will help the pessimists in your audience to see the error of their ways.