Informative Speech Body Language – Speaking without words


This speech and poem explain how we all speak without words. It shows that every gesture we make says something about the way we are feeling at that particular time. It says that we speak with our eyes, our hands and even our feet. It suggests we look at other people and try to learn whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable with us, whether they are lying or telling the truth. In fact the whole study of body language can help us to get a better job, or get on well with people simply by understanding what other people’s signs are saying and what our own are too. The short poem summarizes the speech in an unusual and catchy way and gives it an interesting ending.

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You could try miming your Informative speech Body language – speaking without words, just to make your point but it will certainly be more effective if you stand up and speak! Your speech is packed with great examples of how much we actually communicate without words. Your audience will lap this one up, as it is something we all do without realizing it. Your Informative speech Body language – speaking without words will win over your audience easily. It’s a great topic to get everyone thinking and communicating and maybe even thinking about communication. You’ll be wary of what your hands are doing after this!