Informative Speech Budgeting – Save As Well As Spend


This persuasive speech and poem express the view that budgeting is vey important in your life. It explains how easy it is to get into debt if you do not manage your money well. It shows the importance of starting young to manage your spending habits. The short, optional poem summarizes the argument and gives an unusual and catchy ending to the speech.



Our Informative speech “Budgeting-save as well as spend takes a look at the balance we need in our financial affairs. It is ideal for a teacher or anyone addressing any group of people as it is a subject that applies to all of us. It expresses the view that saving and spending are opposite sides of the coin and we need to budget for them. Our Informative speech “Budgeting ñsave as well as spend” is complete in itself. You have, however, the option of ending it with our poem which summarizes the speech in a motivational way.