Persuasive Speech Bullying – Beating the Bullies


This persuasive speech persuades us that there are many ways of tackling bullying. It points out the effects such bullying has and how people can be emotionally as well as physically scarred by it. It tells how we should help sufferers to help themselves as well as being supportive to them. Above all it shows that it is a problem that affects so many that we have to be aware of it and know ways to stop it. The short poem summarizes the speech and makes an unusual and thought provokind ending to it.

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Deliver a persuasive speech Bullying – beat the bullies and pack a punch to all those miserable weak people who make the lives of others agony. Beat the Bullies does exactly what it says, and your persuasive speech bullying – Beat the bullies gives your audience and understanding of the problem and a strategy for dealing with those who torment others. Your listening audience will be spellbound for most of us know or have experienced bullying at school, socially or in the work place. It is time to stand up and say enough, and empower people with the strategies not just to survive but to overcome bullying once and for all.