Brother of the Bride Speech


These brother of the bride speeches and toasts are ideal for you if you are speaking at your sister’s wedding. They express the good wishes of a brother for the bride and her groom on their wedding day. Each has a passage referring to the deceased father as quite often this is the reason a brother of the bride will speak at the wedding, but this can be omitted if necessary. These speeches/toasts end with the traditional toast to the Bride and Groom. They also include the extra bonus “Wedding Jokes” to add a funny note to your speech.



Your fabulous sister has called and now you need a brother of the bride speech to wow the party. Our ready to go speeches will allow you to not only solve your problem but make you sound eloquent and professional while doing so.Our brother of the bride speech speaks from the heart and will tell your sister what a great catch she is and also allow you to welcome the groom into your family. It’s easy to combine our speeches and you’ll have no trouble personalizing our words.Your sister will love you for it.