Father of the Bride Speech


These wedding speeches, toasts and poems say all you ought to say as father of the bride. The speeches include a welcome to your guests, with a special red carpet welcome to the family of the groom and his clan. They reflect on what your daughter means to you and speak of your happiness that she has found a wonderful husband, not to mention the fact that she has given you an ideal son-in-law! They muse over the meaning of love and marriage as well, perhaps, as giving a few words of advice. They also include the extra bonus “Wedding Jokes” to add a funny note to your speech.



You will feel like the most important man of earth when you step up to deliver your father of the bride speech. To your amazing daughter, you will be.She will be so grateful that you prepared and went to the trouble to download a professionally written father of the bride speech. Not only are our speeches renowned for their clarity and suitability, they are easy to mix and match, giving you an easy way to personalize your toast and extra pearls of wisdom! The entire wedding party will be transfixed and you deliver and wonderful tribute to your daughter and her husband.