Sister of the Groom Speech


3 complete speeches and 3 poems for a sister who wishes to speak at and toast her brother at his wedding. Any one of these poems can be used to give an unusual and special ending to your speech. They are tried, tested and ready to use. They may be downloaded instantly when you place your order.



He always will be your brother, and while you may not have had any choice in that, your sister of the groom speech will help you choose the words to celebrate his wedding day. What better time to remind everyone how close you are? Even if at times, he drove you to distraction! You might want to pass on a few handy hints to his lovely bride.There is plenty to choose from in our sister of the groom speech pack that will enable you to give your brother a fabulous toast. It’s easy to personalize the speeches and they can be combined to give you an original, one off, professional speech to make your life that little bit sweeter.