Son of the Bride Speech


These speeches express a son’s love for his mother on her wedding day. They speak of times shared and how much she means in his life. They express the hope that she will be happy with her new husband and end with a wedding toast. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speeches on an unusual note.



Your beautiful Mom will need all your love and support today and your son of the bride speech can give it. Imagine how she feel, as you stand, the young man she raised and tell her how much you value and cherish her.Your son of the bride speech will a wonderful testimony to the support you give your Mom. And knowing that will make her day.It’s easy to mix and match from the selection of speeches you’ll receive and we also give a charming poem as an extra. Personalizing the speech couldn’t be simpler, and with one delighted bride for a mother, your job will be a pleasure.