Step-Father of the Bride Speech


The speeches, toasts and poems are suitable for a loving step-father of the bride. The speeches include a welcome to your guests, with a special red carpet welcome to the family of the groom and his clan. They reflect on what your step-daughter means to you and speak of your happiness that she has found a wonderful husband, not to mention the fact that she has given you an ideal son-in-law



Your stepñfather of the bride speech will give you the opportunity to say how proud you are of the beautiful bride in a way that is uniquely yours. We have distilled years of experience into a stepñfather of the bride speech that will let everyone understand how this lovely jewel , will shine on and light up other lives as she has yours. Your guests will be delighted with the speech you deliver. Our top tips will give you confidence, and our words will light the way. We’ll even include a beautiful poem dedicated to the bride that you can use.