Persuasive Speech Child Abuse – Home is where the hurt is


This speech persuades us to recognize the fact that child abuse happens at home. It is not something that happens elsewhere with a child being abused by strangers. It is happening to children where they should be safest of all, in their own homes. The speech lists the different types of abuse and what we can and should do about it. It is up to each one of us to stop the hurt. The short poem sums up the arguments in this speech and provides an unusual and thought-provoking ending to it.

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If the persuasive speech child abuse – Home is where the hurt is, seems a shocking title, then all the more reason for standing up for innocent victims. Standing up, means speaking out and raising awareness. You audience deserves to be informed of the real horror of some children’s lives as they are abused and exploited at home often by close members of the family. Silence is complicity and we need to talk about this topic and you will be with your persuasive speech Child Abuse – Home is where the hurt is. Persuading your audience that action needs to be taken is a real step in the right direction. You are talking a difficult topic and this speech will lay out the facts for you audience and you can unite everyone in finding a way forward.