Informative Speech Complimentary or Alternative medicine


This speech explains how alternative and complimentary medicines are now being used in our western world. It describes their history and It tells how the medical world is beginning to realize the benefits of some of them while remaining skeptical of others. It describes the various treatments and speaks of the need for scientific investigation of them. The short poem sums up the speech in a catchy and interesting way and makes a great ending to it.

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For centuries what are today known as complementary or alternative medicine has been used in the East. Today these ancient approaches are finding increasing favor in the West.This Informative speech Complimentary or Alternative medicine, gives you the information you need to put this in context. You will explain history of alternative and complementary medicines and look into which ones are being adopted and which ones clinicians remain more cautious about.You will also discuss the need for scientific validation of various treatments. A short concluding poem will help you to sum up your Informative speech on the topic of persuasive speech Complimentary or Alternative medicine.