Persuasive Speech Drink – A death warrant


This speech persuades us that drinking heavily will usually bring ill health or even mean signing our own death warrants. It gives details of the social problems caused by drink such as rape, violence and robbery. It tells too of the increase in alcoholic poisoning in women and children and how it breaks up homes. The short poem sums up the arguments and makes an unusual and thought-provoking ending to the speech.

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You might be put off wanting an alcoholic drink once you deliver the persuasive speech Drink – a death warrant. The evidence is all here, the numbing statistics on the social and personal misery that drink causes. Your audience will be faced with startling facts that show the damage being done to individuals and families by misuse of alcohol. The persuasive speech drink – a death warrant is an adept and lucid argument for an alcohol free society. It will have anyone listening thinking hard about the serious effects of alcohol, the impairment and the acute physical damage done to the body. If you want to make an impression, stir up emotion and encourage debate this is the speech for you.