Persuasive Speech Exams should be abolished


This persuasive speech takes the view that exams are stressful and that they give no real indication of ability. It says that students should not be judged on their performance on one day when they may be ill for instance. They say a far fairer approach is project work and continual assessment. The short poem summarizes the speech and gives an unusual and relevant ending to it.

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The persuasive speech exams should be abolished might just make you the most popular student on the campus. See your audience whooping and cheering as you deliver the ancient and unfair exam system a real blow.This persuasive speech exams should be abolished delivers the goods and you’ll ride a wave of success in making your case. And it’s not just a negative tirade but an unformed and balanced argument that clearly shows the case for fairer forms of assessment.Be prepared to be a winner and make a few more school or college friends along the way.