Persuasive Speech First Aid – A matter of Life or Death


This speech persuades the audience to learn first aid as a matter of life or death. It points out that most accidents happen at home and that the person whose life you save may be someone you love. It shows how, in the case of a major, injury time is a very important factor and that you may be able to prevent death by acting before the medical services arrive. The short poem summarizes the speech and gives you an unusual and catchy ending to it.

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The persuasive speech First Aid – a matter of life and death might not actually save a life but it will encourage your audience to think hard about learning some practical First Aid skills. When accidents happen, a few basic skills can easily mean the difference between life and death. Your persuasive speech First Aid – a matter of life and death will give your audience stark facts about saving life and helping others. They will be motivated and challenged to learn practical skills when they realize how little they actually know. It’s easy to download the speech and you can use it as it is or add in extra information if you feel it is relevant.