60th Wedding Anniversary Speech by Couple


These 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary light-hearted yet sincere speeches are an ideal way for you to thank family and guests for their anniversary wishes. They speak of a shared past and they look forward to a future together. They express love for your spouse and end by expressing your appreciation of those present and what they mean in your life.



Few couples ever get to celebrate this event, so make sure you make the most of the occasion when you deliver your 60th wedding anniversary speech by couple. These diamond wedding anniversary speeches and responses to toasts will provide the basis of a light-hearted yet sincere thanks to family and guests for their good wishes.In your speech you’ll speak of the many years you have shared together and look forward to the future with optimism. You’ll use the opportunity to reaffirm your love to your spouse and thank everyone present for their good wishes.Add a sparkle to your address with one of the poems provided.