Anniversary of School Speech


These speeches are ideal for you if, as a guest, parent, governor or school head, you wish to speak at its anniversary. It takes a look at the past achievements of the school, the excellence of its teaching. and wishes it well in the future. They end with a toast If appropriate. The short poems offer you the opportuniy to end your speech on a light-hearted and unusual note.

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an Anniversary of a school speech should reflect the importance of the occasion. These speeches by a Head teacher, Governor or Guest welcome guests, to the event. They mention the excellence of the education and the achievements of the school in its time and end by wishing it well in the future. The speeches mention the influence the school has had on the pupils and its part in the community. By sending you a pack of three speeches we offer you options as to what you choose to say. Why not end our Anniversary of a school speech with one of the poems included in the pack? It will help make your speech memorable.