Eulogy for Army Member


These eulogies for a member of the army from an officer or comrade convey the sorrow felt by his comrades at his loss. They may be used for a woman soldier by changing the name and the prounouns. e.g. her for him. There are specific eulogies for a natural death, for a sudden death and for a death after a long illness.



A eulogy forn army member, if properly written, can give great comfort to the bereaved. Ours are suitable for a commanding officer or comrade to give at the funeral service or at the graveyard.They may be used for a woman soldier by changing the name and the pronouns. E.g. her for him. They convey the sorrow felt by comrades at his/her loss.They speak of duty well done They speak too of the good points of the person who has died and hope for his/her peace in the afterlife. Whether the army member has died of natural causes, after a sudden illness or after a prolonged sickness have all been covered with different eulogies.Each eulogy forn army member is complete in itself. You may use one or a combination of pieces from the pack that best meet your needs.The short verses are ideal to use as a touching ending to your eulogy.