Army Officer Retirement Speech by Colleague


These retirement speeches are just what you need if you wish to speak at a farewell function for an officer who is retiring from the army. They speak of his/her qualities as an officer and how they have served with honor and pride. They have an optional sentence for the presentation of a gift. They end with a light-hearted look at what the officer may do in the future having been so well trained in the army. They end with a good luck wish for the future. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual and memorable note.



Your army officer retirement speech by colleague is waiting for you to pay one superb tribute to a consummate professional soldier. These words are distilled from years of experience and just like the retiree, have honor and duty enshrined in them. They are yours to take and make your own, adding any personal anecdotes or stories. Your retiring officer will smile inside and out as you stand up and thank him for years of comradeship and duty. As emotive as the retirement of any one so valued can be, these speeches will give you a professional and good humored farewell to an office who is respected, well liked and ready to move on to the next ëbridge’.