Birthday Roast to Male Teacher


These light-hearted birthday roast speeches and poems roast the birthday boy and tell him exactly what his friends think of him in a light-hearted way. They are not intended for sensitive souls! They are rude without being crude. The short poems crown the insults.

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a Birthday roast to male teacher has to be light-hearted and appropriate. Ours roast the birthday boy and tell him how his friends see him but in a very tongue-in-cheek way. They speak of his abilities or lack of them and they are not intended for anybody who is sensitive. If, however, the birthday boy enjoys such light-hearted fun then these speeches are just right for you. We provide three speeches to give you options and you can add to the insults by using one of the short poems also included in the pack. Our birthday roast to a male teacher will certainly add a bit of life to the party.