Clergyman/woman Retirement Speech


These speeches are ideal for anyone who has been asked to speak at the retirement of a clergyman or woman. They speak of his or her work during a lifetime in God’s service. They make suggestions as to what he or she will do during the retirement. They praise his or her committment to parish/mission/diocese and they end with a good wish for the future.



A clergyman retirement speech has to be appreciative. After all he/she has usually spent a lifetime of service to God and to others.So it is appropriate that you thank him/her for such service We can help you by providing just the speech t you need. Ours praise his/her commitment to parish/mission/diocese.Then they suggest that he/she deserves to spend their retirement doing something new or interesting, something that appeals to them on a personal level. They speak of relaxation but of new challenges ahead.Our clergyman retirement speech set contains three speeches any one of which is ideal for the occasion. Each speech ends with a personal good luck wish for the future.