Design Graduation Speech by Graduate


These Art & Design Graduation speeches are just what you need if, as a graduate or valedictorian, you are speaking at the graduation ceremony. They speak about your graduation being the reward for hard work. They talk about design and what it means. They refer to the friendships made during your college years and they speak of future prospects. They include a thank you to parents and tutors and end with a good luck wish to your fellow graduates. The short poems offer you the chance of ending your speech in a light-hearted and unusual way.



Delivering the design graduation speech by graduate gives you the opportunity to display your creativity and ingenuity. Use these speeches to help you envisage something that’s both stylish and functional.In your speech you’ll refer to graduation as being the reward for hard work and you’ll give profound thanks to parents and tutors for the support they have provided. You will talk about design and how important it is to you and you’ll conclude by extending good luck wishes to your graduation classmates.Using one of the poems provided, you’ll strike just the right note in your design graduation speech by graduate.