Easter Speech


There are two Easter speeches in this pack. One speaks of the religious meaning of the feast, describing some of the history and how and what the church celebrates. The other one is non religious and speaks of the Easter Bunny and his eggs and other Easter customs. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a special note.

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Spring is here and the time to celebrate Easter is near. An Easter speech is a way of honoring family, friends and community members who gather for this harmonious occasion. It’s ok that you have no idea what to say. We have a plethora of content which will put your audience at ease while you are the center of attention.You’ll be provided with two sublime speeches, one religious and the other non-religious. The religious speech elaborates on Easter’s spiritual history, the holy significance of the feast and how the church celebrates certain aspects of the holiday. You’ll gain insight as to how Christians gave Easter new meaning. The non-religious speech speaks of secular traditions such as the Easter Bunny hiding eggs in a basket. Easter, which dates back to ancient Christian festivals, celebrates old customs as well as fresh starts. You’ll be delighted to discover Easter’s Pagan origins like the holiday’s name and the importance of a rabbit. Easter celebrates the passing of the dark days and the arrival of spring.Two short, lyrical poems are added at no extra charge. Their charming essence ensures your Easter speech message will be enduring to your loved ones and community members.Inspire your loved ones during the season we often take for granted!