Eulogy for Female Friend


This pack contains 9 eulogies expressing the feelings of a friend on the death of a much loved female friend. Whether she has died naturally, had a sudden/unexpected death or died after a long illness the pack contains specific eulogies to meet your needs. There are also short funeral eulogy verses that you might use as a fitting and poignant ending to your eulogy. The pack also includes 10 sympathy acknowledgement verses that give a choice of appropriate “Thank you’s” to those who have supported and shared the grief of the family. The 10 In Memoriam verses provide you with a choice of verses for the cards that are a lifelong reminder of someone who was special in your life.

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Would you like to give a eulogy for female friend but don’t know how to word it? Our eulogies express your feelings at the loss of a dearly loved female friend who has died naturally and there are also specific eulogies if she has died a sudden/unexpected death or died after a long illness. The eulogies speak of what your friend has added to your life and that of others.They speak of the richness of friendship and the sadness of losing such a good friend. They end by wishing the deceased peace in the afterlife.Each one can be used individually or you might want to choose various pieces from all the eulogies the pack. The short verses add an unusual and expressive ending to the eulogies.This eulogy for female friend pack contains all the words needed at a time of bereavement. You might help the family of the deceased by providing them with the sympathy acknowledgement verses which thank those who helped and supported the family in their sorrow.The “In Memoriam” verses are ideal too for those cards that will be a lifelong memento of your friend.