Friend Wedding Speech


These speeches are just what you need if you, as a family friend or relative, have been asked to speak at a wedding. There is an optional mention of the father of the bride where you can explain that it is your privilege to speak in his stead. These speeches mention what the bride means to you and how wonderful it is that she and her new husband are surrounded by family and friends on their big day. They convey light-hearted yet warm wedding wishes to the couple. The speeches end with a toast to the bride and groom. They also include the extra bonus “Wedding Jokes” to add a funny note to your speech.



What a great opportunity to speak on this wonderful day with a friend wedding speech that will come from the heart. Imagine how good it will feel to know that you have a professionally written speech that you are really proud of behind you.As you stand up to speak, you’ll be eager to share your thoughts, good wishes and charming toasts with a special couple. Download our selection of wedding speeches from a friend and discover how easily they can be mixed and matched, and see yourself smiling, enjoying the experience and sending the bride and groom off with a beautiful memory and words to touch their hearts.