Hotel Opening Speech


These speeches are suitable for a manager, director or investor to give at the opening of a hotel. They welcome guests, thank those responsible for the building or decorating the hotel and they speak of its attractions and look towards the future. They end with a toast to the new venture. The light-hearted yet motivational poems add an unusual finishing touch to the speeches.



The start of a new hotel is usually the culmination of years of planning, construction, staff recruitment and training and it is important that you reflect this in your hotel opening speech. Using the speeches provided, you will be able to craft a speech that acknowledges all the hard work that has gone into reaching this important milestone for the new venture.You will speak of the enormous value that such a facility has for the local community, thank those responsible for the building and fitting out, speak of its attractions to guests and look towards the future with optimism. You will end with a toast to the new venture and may wish to add zest to the occasion using one of the brief but highly suitable poems provided.