Incoming President of Sporting Organization Speech


These speeches are ideal for you if you have been chosen to be the President or Chairperson of a sporting organization/club. They speak about sport and what it means to people. They speak graciously of the previous President/Chairperson and they end by pledging your loyalty to the organization and your determination to accept the challenge your new position brings. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual and memorable note.

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As the person assuming overall responsibility for your club it’s important that you convey a real sense of purpose in your incoming president of sporting organization speech. As the new president or chairperson you will talk about the goals that you want to set for the coming year in terms of membership, events and competitions and how you intend to achieve them.You will thank your predecessor and the committee members for all their hard work and reaffirm your belief in the club and its aims.