Ladies Night Speech


These speeches in praise of the ladies are suitable for use at a ladies night celebration. They speak of all the bonuses of being a womnan and what ladies offer the world. One is from a man who might be present at a function organised by an association such as the Lions Club and two are from woman at an all female function. The short peoms offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a light-hearted and unusual note.

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Ladies Night is an important annual event for many clubs or associations and requires a delicate, empathic touch on the part of the person delivering the Ladies Night speech. These speeches in praise of the ladies have been carefully written to ensure that the speaker delivers a tasteful and amusing address entirely appropriate to the occasion, one that will be appreciated by everyone in the room.In your speech you will speak of the benefits enjoyed by women and the many special values that women bring to the world. One of the speeches in the pack is suitable for a man attending a function organized by a fraternal association, such as the Lions Club, and two are suitable for a woman attending an all female function.You could end your Ladies Night speech in an unusual and entertaining way with one of the short, pithy poems provided.