Military Re-Enlistment Speech


These re-enlistment speeches are ideal for an officer who is speaking to members of the forces who have re-enlisted. They can be used by an officer in any branch of the services. They speak of commitment and duty and the experience such members have to offer the army/navy/air force. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a memorable note.



Welcome home. That’s what a Military re-enlistment speech should say.Our speeches are suitable for an officer addressing re-enlisted members of the forces. They welcome back the members of the Army/Navy/Air Force who have re-enlisted and speak of how much their loyalty and commitment means to their country and their particular branch of the forces.They speak of the experience of those re-enlisted members and how useful it will be in the work that has yet to be done. They mention what life in the forces means and how different it is to any other.They talk of the challenges ahead and how glad they are that those present have come back into the forces to meet those challenges. You may choose to use just one speech or to combine pieces from the selection to meet your needs The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your military re-enlistment speech on an unusual but welcoming note.