Navy Enlisted Member Retirement Speech by Retiree


These speeches are ideal for you if, as an enlisted member of the navy, you wish to say your goodbye’s on your retirement. They speak of the adventures you had, the life you led and the friendships you made during your career. They tell of your pride in the service and they include an optional thank you for retirement gifts. The short poems offer you the chance to end your speech on a light-hearted and unusual note.



It’s time to say farewell and where do you begin with your navy enlisted member retirement speech by retiree? Easy to download our navy enlisted member retirement speech by retiree will be exactly what you need. The speech will allow you to build in any anecdotes you want but at the same time provide a professional and full farewell and acknowledgement of your rich and varied career in the Navy.We’ll not only give you the words to say but also some handy tips on delivery. You’ll sound professional and your audience will be delighted that you have gone to the trouble to prepare this farewell.