Nurse Retirement Speech by Colleague


These speeches are ideal if you are saying goodbye to a nursing colleague who is retiring. They speak of his/her attributes of caring and how much he/she meant to patients and other staff. They speak too of what the future may hold and they end with an appropriate toast. The speeches also include an optional mention of a retirement gift. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a memorable note.



She has been a part of all your lives for a while now and it will take one special nurse retirement speech by colleague to make her feel appreciated. This is exactly what you’ll achieve with our nurse retirement speech by colleague which is ready to go, and can be downloaded in minutes.You’ll feel good too, knowing that you have gone to trouble to use a professionally written speech, where the focus is all on your special retiree. It’ll be simple for you to add in any personal details, which will make the speech unique and coming from you, a genuine tribute to a wonderful colleague.