Nurse of the Year Award Speech by Presenter


These speeches congratulate the nurse of the year on his/her achievements. They speak of hard work and dedication to the job and that indefinable extra that makes a good nurse. They mention those who have supported the winner and they speak of the future for the nurse in question. They wish him/her good luck. They end by announcing the winner’s name. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a memorable note. (Please note these speeches are intended for a nurse of the year awards ceremony but the word month may be substituted in place of year if necessary.)



A nurse of the year awards speech by presenter has a strange conundrum to contend with! Most nurses, dedicated and hard working, caring and compassionate would probably not consider themselves worthy of such an accolade. And yet your job is to show them and tell everybody else how deserving they are, and most importantly what a wonderful example they hold up to society.Your nurse of the year award speech by presenter will be bursting with surprise and excitement, building to a heartwarming climax as, you approach the moment when the winner is revealed. You’ll be able to hear a pin drop as the audience hold their collective breath.This is a charming and delightful speech to give and it’s so easy to download. It’s simple to make any adjustments, and you’ll be able to personalize as much as you want.This nurse of the year award will be one fabulous occasion.