Nurse of the Year Award Speech by Recipient


These speeches are ideal for you if you have been chosen as the nurse of the year/month. They express your thanks and appreciation to family, friends and tutors. They speak of the camaraderie amongst nurses and of what nursing itself entails. They express what you feel about your vocation and what it means to you to have won the award. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual note. (Please note these speeches are intended for a nurse of the year awards ceremony but the word month may be substituted in place of year if necessary.)



As secretly delighted as you may be, this nurse of the year award speech by recipient will help you convert those feelings into words. You’ll be able to really thank those who have been beside you, and supported you.You’ll be able to acknowledge your colleagues and your wider vocation. Everyone listening will be delighted for your award and they will want to know that it means a great deal to you.Your nurse of the year award speech by recipient will reach out to everyone your life and work has touched. It will bring a real sense of occasion to the ceremony.Our words are professionally written, a delight to share and easy to download.