Outgoing President/Officer of a Professional Organization Speech


These speeches summarize the feelings of an outgoing president/officer of a professional organization. They speak of challenges met and the ones to come. They mention the work of the organization and wish the incoming President/officer every good luck in the future. The short poem offers you the opportunity to end your speech on a memorable note.

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When the time comes to pass the baton you will want your outgoing president of professional organization speech to express your satisfaction in a job well done in a reserved, non-boastful way. With the help of these speeches, you will speak of your pride in being elected and the many ways in which you have personally benefitted from holding the position.You will give an account of the work of the organization under your stewardship and thank profusely the staff/members and committee members who supported you and made possible everything that was achieved. You will go on to mention the work still to be done and wish your successor every success in the challenging times ahead.You could, should you wish, add a note of humor to your outgoing president of professional organization speech by using one of the short poems provided.