Retirement Party Speech by Retiree


These light-hearted speeches acknowledge the retirement wishes of colleagues or friends while the poems add an unusual finishing touch to the farewells. They are tried, tested and ready to use. They may be downloaded instantly when you place your order.



A Retirement Party Speech by Retiree is an excellent way to celebrate your newfound freedom and also acknowledge who and what you will miss regarding your career. Let others know the feeling of achievement work gave you along with your appreciation of the camaraderie between you and your peers.Your audience will appreciate hearing about how you look forward to enjoying family, hobbies and new interests. Retirement gives you a fresh start. You’ll convey that retirement is about choices and although you don’t know what changes to expect, you see each day as a gift. Optimistic feelings will cloak the room as you welcome a change in direction, a different fork in the road. Your speech will give thanks to your peers for their thoughtfulness and support over the years.Your words can be personalized as much as you desire. Your message can be enhanced with one of several jovial poems included in the speech pack. Those near and dear to you will be accompanied by warm feelings and memories long after you speak.