Recognition of Eagle Scout Speech by Scout Leader


These speeches are ideal for a Scout Leader or guest speaker at a ceremony of recognition for new Eagle Scouts. They congratulate the new Eagles and speak of being an Eagle for life and what that means. They end with a good luck wish to the new Eagles. These poems add an unusual finishing touch to the speeches.

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Since 1911 some 2. 2 million young men have achieved the highest accolade of the Boy Scouts of America and in your recognition of Eagle Scout speech by scout leader you will speak of the pride that the young men there today must feel at joining this elite group.You will talk with passion about the value of scouting and of the effort and commitment required to become an Eagle. You will warmly congratulate the new Eagles, talk about the concept of “being an Eagle for life” and all that that entails.Use one of the short poems provided to end your recognition of Eagle Scout speech by scout leader in an appropriately inspirational way.