Rotc Award Speech by officer


These speeches and poems are suitable for you if you are speaking at a military ball or any occasion where there is an award ceremony to cadets who have taken this course. They speak of duty and valour and love of country. They speak of the commitment and of the accomplishments of the cadets. They end on a positive and hopeful note. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech in an unusual and thought-provoking way.



You understand just where a ROTC award speech by officer comes from. It comes from the heart, stirring up all those magnificent qualities that we prize so dearly in our successful cadets.They feel it too and they will want to hear words from you that consolidate that. Your ROTC award speech by officer is waiting for you to download and make your own.Our speeches are professionally written, distilled from years of experience and guaranteed to meet all your requirements. Your cadets will be transfixed and every guest will be moved by the assurance and integrity of your words.You’ll get a selection of speeches to use and feel free to mix and match the content as you need.