Eulogy for Sister


These eulogies and poems by a sibling express the feelings of loss for someone who has shared their growing years. There are eulogies for a natural death, after a sudden-unexpected death and some for after a long illness. This pack contains all the words you will need at a time of bereavement. The eulogies and verses pay tribute to a loved one, while the acknowledgement cards give a choice of appropriate “Thank you’d” to those who have supported you and shared your grief. The In Memoriam verses provide you with a choice of verses for the cards that are a lifelong reminder of someone who was special in your life.

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It’s her funeral and you want to give a eulogy for sister. It’s difficult, of course, to find exactly the right words.So let us help you by choosing one, or a combination of the eulogies in our pack. There are eulogies for a natural death and also some for a sudden unexpected death and even more for use after a long illness.The eulogies speak of your shared years, of her personality and what she has done to be admired and respected so much. Each eulogy for sister says just how much she has meant to you and to others in her life.They end with a wish for peace in her afterlife. If you wish you can end your eulogy with one of our verses as a poignant farewell.It’s nice too to say “Thank you” to those who have stood by you and our acknowledgment verses do just that. If the family are having an “In Memoriam” card printed why not use one of our verses as a lasting tribute?.