Women of Distinction Award Speech by Presenter


These award presentation speeches speak of the contribution made by women of distinction. They speak of their efforts on behalf of charities and good causes. They tell of how they react to need and how they tackle want. They speak of their talents and skills and they praise them for their work. The speeches all end with an optional toast to such women. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual & memorable note.

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Perhaps it is real compassion that makes a women of distinction award speech by presenter such a wonderful thing to hear. The whole audience will be listening as you call on all those qualities that make such women, heroic and fabulous examples of selfless concern.Your women of distinction award speech by presenter give you the opportunity to draw on the examples of so many inspiring women, all of whom made a difference. Now, with your help we can all appreciate their drive, vision and talents.Our speeches are easy to download and you’ll receive a selection of speeches to use along with a special poem to use if you wish. Your audience will really enjoy your choice.