Persuasive Speech Friends – make them and keep them


This speech persuades us that friendship is a wonderful gift. It explains that there are many ways to make friends and to keep them. It speaks of the different types of friendship we make and how we lose some and keep others. It explains that you must work at your friendships if you wish to keep them but that the rewards are great if you do. In short, it reminds us of how important friendships are in our life. The short poem adds to the speech and gives it an unusual and catchy ending.

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Our lives are filled with friendships, present and past and the Persuasive speech Friends – make them and keep them, is a testimony to this wonderfully human trait. If true friendship is a gift then this speech is the presentation that accompanies it. Stand up and give the persuasive speech Friends – make them and keep them, and you will light up the room with your sincerity and wisdom. Acknowledging friendship will be easy with these words, containing some sound advice on making and perhaps more importantly keeping friends. This speech is guaranteed to work its magic over your audience. It will have everybody listening and relating to your topic.