Navy Retirement Speech by Commanding Officer


These speeches are just what you need if you are addressing those present at the retirement of an enlisted member of the navy. They speak of duty well done and of friendships made over the years. The look to the future and speak of how much the retiree has learnt in the navy and how much those qualities will stand to him/her in the future. They end with an appropriate good luck toast to the retiree. The short, optional poems, offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a light-hearted and unusual note.



Pride simply radiates from our navy retirement speech by Commanding Officer. How could it not? You will be addressing those whose lives have been caught up with every stirring virtue – bravery, patriotism, duty, self- sacrifice and determination. Your navy retirement speech by Commanding Officer is a verbal salute to a courageous sailor. A professionally written speech lends you real authority and conviction. It makes your job easier and distills years of experience into words. Our speeches are easy to download and give you a selection to choose from which you can adapt as you see fit. Most of all, they are purposely written to do the job and do it extremely well.