Office Retirement Speech by Colleague


These speeches are just what you need if you wish to convey light-hearted and warm retirement wishes to a collegue or staff member. They speak of the contribution he/she has made to the firm and the friendships built up over the years. The look forward to a retirment filled with achievements and there is an optional presentation of a gift sentence. The speeches end end with an appropriate retirement toast. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on an unusual and light-hearted note. Alterntively, if framed, one could be given as a memento of a special occasion.



Retirement can bring a touch of sadness and a lot of gladness. Pay tribute to the honoree with an Office Retirement Speech. It will highlight the newfound free time your colleague has to meet with old friends and attend grandchildren’s birthday parties. He or she may pursue new hobbies ranging from sky diving to spending time in the garden. Though the crowd will feel nostalgic, the charisma of your message will keep the retiree and friends from wallowing in sentiment. Your speech will thank your colleague for being an influential character the office trusts and admires. Your words will point out it will be difficult to imagine the office without the retiree’s guiding force and pay homage to his or her contributions. Tell your colleague he or she deserves every minute of retirement. Your speech will make it clear your co-worker has shown high levels of dedication, determination and conscientiousness. Our professionally written, customizable speeches commemorate the retiree for his or her compassion and years of behaving as an ideal role model. Add extra charm by using one of the short, light-hearted poems or toasts included in the speech pack.