Persuasive Speech Gamblers born losers – Gambling never wins


This speech persuades you that gamblers are always losers in the long run. It says that what starts as a bit of fun often becomes an addiction. It shows the misery caused to families by this hidden disease and explains the vast amount of money spent by gamblers and those enticing them to gamble. The short poem adds an unusual and catchy ending to the speech.

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From the Lotto Sweepstake to slot machines, the persuasive speech Gamblers born losers – gambling never wins, tells its audience that you may as well tear up your money and throw it away. There is nothing to be gained from gambling except profits for the casino owners. Gambling is an addiction that ruins families and creates poverty. This persuasive speech Gamblers born losers – gambling never wins is a stark and down to earth reminder that gambling causes misery. Your audience will have no trouble connecting with your message and a healthy debate may ensue. You will have the speech and the facts to back up your argument – don’t bet on the outcome though!