Persuasive Speech Global Warming fact or fiction?


This speech persuades us that we need to re-examine the facts and figures regarding global warming. There have been variations in temperatures since the world began. It shows us that we have to consider these when we listen to the experts who, seemingly, cannot really agree. Above all, it says that we should, like the boy scouts, be prepared. The short poem adds an unusual and thought-provoking ending to the speech.

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Climate change is a verified part of Earth’s history, ecology and the persuasive speech Global Warming Fact or fiction acknowledges that. It goes further and asks if today’s weather woes are any different than those experienced on the planet for millennia.The persuasive speech Global Warming Fact or fiction asks whether we are right to blame man for this change. It is a speech that sits at the centre of a passionate debate over climate change and it is one that will really stir strong emotions.It is easy to download the speech and you can use it as it is or add more information and build upon it. Either way you will be sure of a great presentation.