Informative Speech Globalization – Opportunity or Exploitation


This speech and poem explains globalization and how it affects us for good or bad. It says that basically it is a way of having trade between countries with no barriers at all. It is, though, linked to capitalism and thus causes pollution and exploitation problems. This is the downside of the opportunities for countries to work together which is what its supporters claim as its main benefit. The short poem summarizes the speech and gives it a thought-provoking ending.

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This Informative speech Globalization – Opportunity or Exploitation explores both the good and bad things about globalization. It looks at the reputed economic benefits of free trade and explores some of the reasons why some developed countries appear to do better out of globalization than many less developed nations. A poem provided with your Informative speech Globalization – Opportunity or Exploitation takes a wry look at the relationship between these winners and losers.