Persuasive Speech Health – It’s in your own hands


This speech persuades you that your health is, mainly, your own responsibility. It gives hints on how diet, exercise and llifestyle affect your wellbeing. It shows that being healthy also makes you happier and that, therefore, such happiness is often in your own hands. The short poem which summarizes the arguments and adds an unusual and catchy ending to the speech.

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The persuasive speech Health – it’s in your own hands makes a compelling case for looking after ourselves. Listening to this speech is like having a light switched on inside our head. From diet to exercise and general well being, we have so many choices, that it is easy to ensure we are healthier and happier. Everyone in your audience will get this life affirming and life saving message when you make your persuasive speech Health – It’s in your own hands. There’s room for you to add extra information and we’ll give you a great poem for free to will help your message sink in.