Persuasive Speech Homelessness – Building a better future


This speech persuades us of the horrors and injustices of being homeless. It points out that few people are on the streets through their own choice. Circumstances, it says, means that they have no homes, no prospects and no future. Their children are stigmatized. The homeless are vunerable. It says that we must tackle this problem and ensure that everybody has a bed at night. The short poem summaries the speech in a thought-provoking and heartfelt way.

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It is a fact that there are millions of homeless people living on the street and the persuasive speech Homelessness – building a better future draws awareness to this shocking dilemma. At the same time millions more homes stand empty. There is a clear disparity here and making your persuasive speech Homelessness – building a better future, opens the debate by acknowledging the severity of the situation. It also points out the very real knock on effects on children and the rise of poverty. This is all “our problem” and it is up to us to say it is unacceptable and to find a way to help. It begins with your speech, easily downloaded and ready to go. Raise awareness and make a difference.