Persuasive Speech Homework should be banned


This persuasive speech shows the downside of homework and the damage it does to students and family life. It speaks about the stress it causes and the unfairness of it given that not all children have equal help at home. The short poem offers you the opportunity to end your speech on a thought-provoking note.

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How popular will you be standing up to make the persuasive speech Homework should be banned? Your audience will be cheering you on from the word “go”. This persuasive speech Homework should be banned is not just an empty argument for wishful thinking.There is proof that most homework is of little value and students benefit immeasurably in their education by using this time to engage is other activities. In fact when you get down to it, homework could even be considered detrimental.You won’t believe the looks on the faces of your audience as you make this perfect argument and back it up with proven research. This is one anti homework speech to savor!.