Informative Speech I am me – You are you


This speech and poem describe the mystery and magic of what we are as people, each one unique and wonderful in his or her own way. It tells how our brains our eyes and our other parts work and evolve over the years. It teaches us the magic of being different from any other person in the whole world. It urges us to accept the magic of being a once-off wonderful person in your own right. The short optional poem summaries the speech and makes an unusual and thought-provoking ending to it.

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No matter who you are you’ll enjoy the Informative speech I am me – you are you! This speech salutes the wonderful unique individual you are. It does more than that. The Informative speech I am me – you are you, sets up the audience for a complete re think of their characters and potential. This is a real feel good speech that empowers the individuals in the audience to see themselves in a positive light. It helps us understand that we have talents, a purpose and that we can uses our uniqueness to make great contributions to our world. You’ll feel the strength of your convictions and everybody listening will be drawn in to think positively about themselves.