Persuasive Speech Ice Breaker


These ice breaker/introductory speeches show ways of introducing yourself to an audience. Obviously you will have individual characteristics and background which you will need to use but the speeches give five different ways of presenting such personal information. There are speeches for a married woman and a married man, a male and a female student and one for a young single professional. You may, of course, amalgamate pieces from the different speeches as they meet your needs. The short poems offer you the opportunity to end your speech on a very unusual note.

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Let your audience get to know you with five different examples in our persuasive speech Ice Breaker. No matter who you are, you’ll create and deliver a relaxed and professional impression, with these new ways of introducing yourself.Once you download the persuasive speech Ice Breaker you’ll be set to familiarize your audience with you personality and charm. Countless examples of public speaking testify that these opening words are the ones that will have your audience paying attention and feeling as if they are on your side.This easily won empathy is the key to successful public speaking and you’ll have a professional and tested selection of guaranteed ice breakers to work with.